What I LIKE and DON'T LIKE about the X10 U20i phone

This page details my likes and dislikes for the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro mobile phone.

What I Like:
  • The device actually works perfectly as a phone!
  • Screen is definitely not too small, it is responsive and very bright
  • The phone feels very fast, responsive, no lagging anywhere
  • The screen deactivates immediately when in call and phone is beside ear
  • The screen re-activates very fast when phone is lowered whilst in a call / ending a call
  • Almost every single App I have tried has rendered fine on the screen
  • Built-in loud speaker is very loud for ring tones and notifications
  • Built-in loud speaker is great when playing back movies
  • Vibration is strong and noticeable
  • Build quality of the phone is brilliant, feels strong and sturdy
  • Very light weight device
  • Small size of the phone is attractive, advantageous, great when in my pocket (no weird side bulge!)

What I Dislike:
  • The battery should have a higher mAh
  • Back cover can make creaky sounds whilst using the qwerty keyboard No longer an issue, after some weeks of usage there are no more creaky sounds at all
  • USB port would be better placed if at the bottom of the device
  • Android 1.6 is great but it is not version 2.1 or 2.2 - SE need to release this
  • No guides currently available to ROOT the phone
  • Qwerty keyboard does not have UP/DOWN arrow buttons, only LEFT and RIGHT