Thursday, 8 July 2010

How To: Remove the back battery cover

When the cover is off you can access the sim card, memory card and battery. Be careful when removing the cover because, like me, if you are a bit rough with your handling you can cause a creaking sound to develop when pressing against the cover whilst using the qwerty keyboard.

Here is the proper method on how to remove the back cover:

1. In one hand hold the device so that the camera button on the side of the device is facing upwards
2. With your other hand put a nail in to the groove that is 1cm away from the camera button
3. Pull the cover away from the phone and it will "snap" away - use a little gentle force

When putting the cover back on, put the USB port part of the cover back on first, then snap the rest of the cover on.


  1. thanks.....was handling a friend's couldn't be less careful...

  2. Thank You, Well I had to use rulers to open mine coz my nails didnt work!

  3. Actually, it is the little groove on the opposite side to the camera on the short end and then you pull it up from the long side so I rang T-Mobile and a very helpful lady helped me through it! Don't know how long the cover for the charger will stay attached for!!

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  5. Tip: first remove the back cover and then will be easy to remove the USB cover.

  6. The instructions here are for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro (U20i) and not the Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i)