Thursday, 22 July 2010

HelixLauncher Donut - Alternative user interface for your Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Watch this video (not my video!) if you want to try this user interface on your Xperia Mini Pro the steps are below. I have been using this since I bought my Mini Pro and love it, it is much better than the default Home launcher UI and there are a lot of reports on forums and blogs that it improves battery life. I get over 48 hours off a full charge so perhaps HelixLauncher is to thank for that.

This will not delete the current Sony Ericsson Home UI, it basically works "instead" of it if you install it (and when prompted if you set it as your default) -- you can safely uninstall it if you do not like it.
  1. Make sure you can install 3rd party applications on your device
  2. Do you have a file manager already installed? I recommend ES File Explorer, available from the Market
  3. Download HelixLauncher Donut, browse to the download location and run the APK file using a file manager


  1. Hi, like your blog so far, but just wondering if you've managed to find/heard of any decent camera apps with date/timestamp function for the X10 Mini Pro?

  2. Hey there, no currently I have not come across a camera app that provides this feature. I would appreciate it if you mention it if you find anything! Cheers

  3. Have you experienced any issues with wi-fi not being able to consistently connect with hidden SSID.
    If so do you have a solution.