Thursday, 8 July 2010

Gmail sync advice - should you use your main Gmail account?

I recommend you create a new Gmail account for use with your Android phone. This is because if you, like me, have had a Gmail account for some years you probably have lots of email-only contacts automatically created when replying to emails – mostly people/companies you may never contact again. Also you probably do not have phone numbers stored for your Gmail contacts. Do you really want all this clogging up your device?

Top reasons why to create a new Gmail account:
• Selected emails/senders from your primary Gmail account can easily be setup to forward to your new Gmail account
• You can export contacts from your old phone in to a fresh, clean, empty Contacts list in a new Gmail account – these will then sync to your phone when you add your new account
• Less data traffic going to your handset = battery power saved
• If your phone is lost/stolen your primary email account is not at risk of being compromised

Although, to be fair here are some reasons why to use your EXISTING Gmail account:
• If everything is setup neat and tidy, your Contacts list is clean and has phone numbers
• You have properly setup password recovery (ideally using a phone number other than the phone you are syncing to – because what happens if it gets stolen!)
• You need your existing Gtalk / Gmail chat contacts


  1. Hi, like your blog - as a fellow x10 mini pro owner just womdering if you noticed that there is no option to auto sync POP3 email - can only tap to retrieve emails manually !.

    And while I am on the suubject some 'quirks' I noticed being a first time android user
    - no option to set default access points - on my old nokia I could tell any app that used data which connection to use (e.g wifi ad which wifi connection) and set frequency of updates. The app would then automatically start the wifi and close wifi when it finished using data.
    - android (1.6 at least) seems bare bones - i need to download a dozen apps just to get the same features as my Nokia - even simple things like copying phone contacts back to SIM card require an app download !!

    Overall though great the phone and great OS - hopefully Android will mature over the next few users !!

  2. am trying to creat a gmail account but android doesnot allow me suggest me some tips ....