Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New update on Mini Pro via SE PC Companion

Today I connected my Mini Pro via USB and was notified an update has been released. Despite my phone being exploid rooted so far it is looking like the update will proceed… I will report back later with the outcome (or tomorrow).

UPDATE: I have turned the phone on after the update process illustrated above and about 5 full minutes have elapsed so far -- still my Mini Pro is currently displaying the Sony Ericsson splash screen and appears "frozen" but I will wait for it continue loading...

UPDATE: The boot up took about 9 full minutes. It is now up and running... connecting the USB back in now.

Okay so the update was successful - this is what my Mini Pro is running now:
  • Firmware version 1.6
  • Kernel version 2.6.29
  • Build number 1.1.A.0.12
I have to admit somewhere deep down inside I was hoping it was going to be an Android OS upgrade :p (to 2.1 or 2.2!)


  1. Awesome blog, mate! :)

    I am upgrading my phone as we speak. Really don't get what is new here, tho. Any idea?

    Ill continue following you. Hope to see a real root for x10mini soon :D

  2. Cheers mate! :)

    I have yet to notice any significant improvements since the upgrade, but I do "feel" as if everything is a bit faster and switching between apps is faster.

    I am going to run the exploid root again to remove some of the preinstalled apps and will blog on how it goes.

  3. Awesome! The only thing I hate about my E10i is all of the preinstalled crap I do not want D:

  4. I lost su after the upgrade.

  5. Change the blog name to XPERIA ""X10"" MINI PRO !