Wednesday, 4 August 2010

How To: Remove root / unroot your Xperia Mini Pro

Note: This restores original software to your phone, it is the repair method and can be used to fix numerous issues on your handset.

If you have rooted your Mini Pro and for some crazy reason want to undo the root here is the info you need... admit it, you deleted something you shouldn’t have! :)
  1. Disable USB Debugging mode (do the opposite of step 4-b here)
  2. On your computer, start-up Sony Ericsson PC Companion (download it here)
  3. When prompted connect the phone to the USB cable, if not prompted just plug it in about 30 seconds after starting SE PC Companion up.
    --It's your choice to update or cancel update if prompted, I advise cancelling the update until later
  4. On the main SE PC Companion screen, click on Start in the Support Zone box

  5. Under Software Update, click on Start
  6. Now click on Repair
  7. Following the instructions on screen to progress

Good luck with your repair / unroot


  1. What about the apps you installed? Are they gone af this procedure? And are the apps that you removed (i.e. wisepilot) back after this?

  2. I have a backup of my apps as APK files on my sdcard - have to reinstall after repair. Default apps are back, even though deleted when rooted.

  3. Help!!i want repair my phone,but Something is wrong.
    "unable to download your phone software.please check your internet connection or try again later."


  5. i have tried the repair, it starts but when approx. 80% is downloaded it says "unable to instal"
    what shall I do? I did the root, but then probably deleted some inevitable files, so now phone does not work and constantly writes the aplication/proces has stoped unexpectedly. wont even open my contacts.
    please help. many thanks in advance.

  6. When I try to repair, it says 'you have the latest software'... Someone help! Thanks in advance!!!

  7. Follow the link to root your Xperia X10 mini pro
    and turn your mobile to wifi hotspot(works for android 2.1 update 1)

  8. my phone can't unroot , idon't understand

  9. i dont understand, i didn't root my phone but my 3G is like don't have already. because i tried disconnecting my Wi-Fi. there's no 3G sign. and are you sure repairing using sony ericsson pc companion will work?