Monday, 9 August 2010

Simpler alternative exploid ROOT method (X10Root.apk) for your Xperia Mini Pro

NOTE: I see no reason why this should not also work on the E10i (Xperia Mini)
I came across this method last week and tried it over the weekend.  I had success with this simple method, and used the app Terminal Emulator to test – I did get root # but was unable to delete peggle.apk from the system/app folder, I got the error “Permission Denied”.  I think I need to do a CHMOD command to change the permission to allow this to work.  When I get a chance to retest it I will report back and update this entry.
  1.  Download this APK and install it on your device by running it through a file manager. It would be a good idea to download this using the Browser on your device
  2. You might have to enable third-part-apps if you haven’t done it already
  3. After installation run the app and follow onscreen instructions
  4. I found tapping on the screen where the outputs are running reverses the ROOT (unroots) so avoid doing that, once it has finished press the HOME button
  5. Download Terminal Emulator from the Market (or another terminal app) and test it out!
Would be great to hear how you get on with this.


  1. I have done this, as I am a newbie. I had planned to follow your instructions but I stumbled over the X10root,apk.

    I downloaded titanium backup as well. Then I had to download a new busybox with the help of the Titanium-app.

    I have removed all trial-games without any problems. I have also removed peggle.

    Now I want help to remove all the ugly blue backgrounds, help to move apps to sd, help to fix the market-resolutionproblem and so on.

    <The existing tutorials are a bit to complicated to me. I dont understand why someone dont make app and put it out to the market?

  2. Why the X10Root doesn't show after I copied it to sdcard and enabled non-market app?? My x10mini was rooted, but after an update (2 days ago), it was unrooted and deleted all programs I installed after rooting? could the update include patch against rooting. I used the latest version of x10root and universalandroot v.1.6.2beta5????
    Please help!!!!

  3. Thank you! I tried your method, and it works fine. I am using Xperia (SO-01B model, NTT Docomo) with the latest updated software (R1EA029).

  4. i installed x10root.apk, after that i pressed root, and i restarted the phone. I also installed terminal emulator and when i am entering in the program it just show me a blue screen. Now what?? Is my phone rooted now??? i tried to make the update to 2.1 but nothing

  5. Hey,
    I've downloaded the file, installed it and when I hit the "open" button it get stuck after wifi on.
    Im using Android 2.1, may that be the reason for it to stuck ?
    Thanks !

  6. How do i delete pre-installed applications?

  7. I am with Anonymous (13Dec13:48)
    seems to die after turning wifi on.

  8. I get stuck too after wifi on...

  9. Stuck at "wifi on"
    Need some help quick!

  10. HELP !! gets suck on wifi on

  11. yep, gets stuck after wifi on

  12. yup yup pls help wid fixing the wifi problem?!

  13. This apk did not worked on my xperia mini pro ..
    It just gave an error impossible to copy xploid